[dp] msa# is music to your ears. Or explosions to your ears.

Whatever your ears need, [dp] msa# can make them happy. Classical music composition, contemporary band arrangements, sound engineering, video scoring, and podcasting. If you need to hear it done right, you need [dp] msa# to do it.

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The THX Sound is world-renowned for representing quality audio. But you need not have a Hollywood-sized budget to get quality audio. [dp] msa# provides music composition, audio engineering, and sound editing at a fraction of the cost, and your ears will swear that you've spent millions on the project.

Using the highest-end production techniques, software, and equipment, [dp] msa# is able to provide everything from a simple video voiceover to a synthesized symphony orchestra nearly indistinguishable from a live performance. And for a little extra, [dp] msa# can put together an actual live performance with some of the most talented musicians that money can hire. You know well the chill that quality audio can send down your spine. [dp] msa# will put your spine in the freezer.

[dp] msa# gives you access to classically-trained musicians with years of composition experience. Whether you need to conduct a full symphony orchestra and give Beethoven a run for his money, or you want to give your cover band its first break with its own unique material, [dp] msa# has what you need.

If meticulous note-at-a-time composition is what you are after, [dp] msa# is ready. Likewise, if you need rapid development for a soundtrack, a commercial jingle, or a radio show, the speed at which [dp] msa# can meet your needs is matched only by the incredible quality of the finished result. It's not that [dp] msa# composition sounds too good to be true, it's that [dp] msa# composition sounds too good to be real. But your ears won't lie.

Sound engineering can be a firm's entire reason for existing. But [dp] msa# continues the one-stop shop paradigm even here. Creating sound effects, mastering audio, and making your whole project work on every frequency is a specialty of [dp] msa#. Whether you already have most of your project done and now need it to sound good, or you need the entire thing built from scratch, [dp] msa# is ready for you.

So don't settle for run-of-the-mill "pew pew pew." Reach for the big boom that gets you a noise complaint. And do it all with the high fidelity, rapid-development, low-cost approach brought to you by [dp] msa#. We've heard your requests. And you'll hear our results. Your project by [dp] msa#: sounds like a plan.

So you run a popular internet podcast, a video blog, or a radio show. Are you and your viewers tired of hearing hissing 'S'es, popping 'P's, a nasal voice, and mixed consonants? Do you need a station ID to set yourself apart?

If you want to add that professional touch to your audio, look no further than audio editing services by [dp] msa#. From simple filters to correct recording defects, to transparent pitch shifting, to production mixing, [dp] msa# provides you with the most cost- and time-efficient sound editing available. Badly-done audio editing is the quickest way to lose listeners or ruin a project. Do it right the first time with [dp] msa# and you'll literally hear the difference. Use the Inquiry form to let us hear all about it!