[dp] msa# is the place to go for all your web design and development needs.

Whether you need a simple website with only a few static pages or a dynamic database-driven power application that integrates all the latest web technology, [dp] msa# is ready to meet your needs.

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[dp] msa# believes that the best web production is done in a vertically-integrated environment. While other firms specialize in either design or development, [dp] msa# is geared to do both. This not only reduces your overall costs, but also enables your project to live up to a much higher standard.

By working with [dp] msa# on your web project, you only deal with a single firm that already knows everything there is to know about your goals. No longer must you reiterate yourself or be forced to bridge the gap between the artsy design geeks and the smart development nerds. [dp] msa# gives you both at the same time.

So first, take a look. Then, take the plunge, and get on board with [dp] msa#.

[dp] msa# has a long and established design history. Understanding the importance of function not being obliterated by form, [dp] msa# creates website designs that are at once usable and beautiful. Whether your design needs are so cutting-edge that they bleed, or so conservative that they attract attack ads from Democrats, [dp] msa# invests itself in your goals, and you can expect an excellent return on that investment.

Of course, the greatest design in the world becomes meaningless if it is not universally-compatible. [dp] msa# takes great pains to ensure that every design meets W3C established standards by writing valid markup that properly implements your design in every browser. The design that [dp] msa# creates and you approve is the design that your users see.

[dp] msa# focuses on the proper and intelligent use of technology while developing for the web. While your neighbor's son might be "good with computers," untrained programmers inevitably produce buggy code, unexpected performance glitches, no updates, and a total lack of support.

Your project deserves better. [dp] msa# implements sound computer science theories and paradigms. The back end of your web project will be stable and robust. And that back end can be developed to meet your deployment needs; [dp] msa# supports PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SQL Server, and even old-style Perl CGI if that's what you need.

If you don't see your technology of choice listed here, just ask!

It is impossible to link to everything [dp] msa# has ever produced. A complete portfolio is available on request. Some notable projects include:

Born Twice, Died Twice, a beautifully simple website done within strict budget limits; [dp] design#, the previous incarnation of [dp] msa#; Pittsford Drivers' Ed, an immensely powerful education management service; Electronic Teacher Centers by Allyria, an innovative professional development program; Power Company, an award-winning band booking portal; and Tensor Engineering, a leading bridge detailer.

Please note that some [dp] msa# projects have been modified beyond recognition by the client post-deployment, without supervision of [dp] msa#. Samples of their original condition are maintained by [dp] msa# and available on request.